How We Revitalized a Struggling U.S. Telecommunications Company: Increasing Market Share by 35% and Revenue by $450 Million in Just 60 Days

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Our client, a telecommunications company based in the United States, was struggling with the loss of market share due to intense competition and rapid technological advancements in the industry. The company provided a range of products and services, including mobile and fixed-line telephony, broadband internet, and digital TV services to consumers and businesses across the nation.
The client’s loss of market share was negatively impacting their revenue, profitability, brand reputation, and overall competitive advantage. They sought our expertise in countertrade mechanisms to help them overcome these challenges and revitalize their business.
We implemented multiple countertrade mechanisms to address the client’s challenges, including:
Solution #1

Counter-Purchase: We facilitated agreements with strategic partners in emerging markets that allowed the client to expand their global reach and tap into new customer bases.

Solution #2

Direct and Indirect Offsets: We negotiated offset agreements with suppliers in various countries, leading to a 50% reduction in production and operation costs.

Solution #3

Joint Ventures (JVs): We facilitated JVs with local partners in key markets, enabling the client to leverage local knowledge and resources, while sharing risks and costs.

Solution #4

Co-production: We established co-production agreements with technology partners, allowing the client to access cutting-edge technology at a lower cost.

Solution #5

Industrial Cooperation: We engaged in industrial cooperation initiatives to share technological expertise and resources with other companies, improving the client’s competitiveness.


Solution #6

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) and Build-Operate-Own (BOO): We implemented BOT and BOO projects in strategic locations to expand the client’s network infrastructure and enhance service delivery.


Our team worked closely with the client to implement the countertrade mechanisms, including identifying strategic partners, negotiating agreements, and coordinating joint initiatives. We also provided ongoing support and guidance throughout the process to ensure the success of each mechanism.
By implementing multiple countertrade mechanisms, the client experienced the following measurable results:
  1. A 35% increase in market share.
  2. $450 million in additional revenue.
  3. A 50% reduction in production and operation costs.
  4. Access to new markets in over 20 countries.
  5. Improved supply chain efficiency.
  6. Enhanced brand reputation and customer loyalty.
  7. Attraction of top talent and improved investor confidence.
Through our expert countertrade consulting and the implementation of multiple countertrade mechanisms, we successfully helped the struggling U.S. telecommunications company overcome their loss of market share, resulting in increased revenue, improved profitability, enhanced brand reputation, greater customer loyalty, and stronger competitive advantage. Our tailored approach and commitment to achieving measurable results enabled the client to revitalize their business and secure a brighter future in the highly competitive telecommunications industry.
If you are facing obstacles reminiscent of those experienced by our client and are seeking to realize analogous results within your organization, consider taking the following steps:
  1. Consult with a countertrade specialist and expert: By engaging an experienced countertrade consultant, your business can receive tailored advice and strategic solutions to address your unique challenges and accomplish your goals.
  2. Assess your organization’s challenges and potential growth areas: Conduct a thorough evaluation of your company’s existing issues, strengths, and objectives, identifying opportunities for countertrade mechanisms and growth that align with your goals.
  3. Develop and implement a custom countertrade strategy: Select and apply suitable countertrade mechanisms, such as counter-purchase, direct and indirect offsets, joint ventures, co-production, or industrial cooperation, that effectively tackle your challenges and lead you to your desired outcomes.
  4. Continually monitor progress and adjust your strategy as required: Establish a system for tracking the performance of your countertrade agreements and collaborations, making necessary modifications to ensure ongoing success and growth.
Partnering with our knowledgeable countertrade consultants can offer the following benefits:
  1. Customized countertrade strategy development: We will work closely with you to create a tailored countertrade strategy that addresses your organization’s specific challenges and objectives, maximizing impact and results.
  2. Comprehensive support throughout the implementation process: Our team will provide end-to-end support, from identifying potential partners and negotiating agreements to monitoring progress and offering ongoing advice.
  3. Access to an extensive global network of resources and contacts: As a leading countertrade consultancy, we possess a vast network of industry professionals and resources worldwide, allowing us to connect you with the right partners and suppliers to achieve your objectives.
  4. Ongoing monitoring and optimization: We will consistently evaluate the performance of your countertrade agreements and partnerships, making necessary adjustments to ensure long-term success and growth.
This case study demonstrates how our expert countertrade strategies enabled a struggling U.S. telecommunications company to overcome its challenges and revitalize its business, achieving a 35% increase in market share and $450 million in additional revenue within just 60 days. By implementing various countertrade mechanisms, such as counter-purchase, direct and indirect offsets, joint ventures, co-production, and industrial cooperation, the client was able to overcome their loss of market share and achieve significant improvements in revenue, profitability, brand reputation, and customer loyalty. Our customized approach and dedication to delivering measurable results allowed the client to secure long-term success in the highly competitive telecommunications industry.

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